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An Exposition of Alternative Culture

"The Southeast's most dangerous convention"

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\Es`o*ter"ic\ ([e^]s`[-o]*t[e^]"[i^]k),
Designed for, and understood by, the specially initiated alone; not communicated; private; interior; acroamatic; -- said of the private and more recondite instructions and doctrines of philosophers.

November 4 - 6,
Cancelled - Please see Journal for more information

Our Ministry of Propaganda;

156, 21, 23, 33, 75, 93, absinthe, activism, agape, alienist, anime, archetypes, art, artists, asatru, atlanta, bands, bdsm, beat poets, bellydancing, bettie page, body modification, body piercing, books, burlesque, burning man, carnies, cartoons, ceremonial magick, chaos, classic horror films, comics, comix, comparative religion, computer games, computers, cons, conspiracy, conventions, coquette, costuming, cryptozooology, cults, dancing, discordianism, divination, documentaries, dragoncon, drinking, e-zines, eastern philosophy, edgar allan poe, erotica, esoteric, esoterica, experimental art, fans, fantasy, fetish, film, forbidden topics, foreign films, fortean, freaks, freemasonry, gambling, gaming, ghosts, gorilla filmmaking, gothic, guns, götterdämmerung, h.p. lovecraft, hacking, hecate, hedonism, high weirdness, history, horror, hot rods, hunter s thompson, illuminati, john waters, jung, kali, kulchur, l33t, larp, libertine, literary, live journal, magick, make up, models, modern primitives, music, mysticism, occult, occulture, open source, pagan, parapsychology, parties, performance art, photography, pin-ups, politics, pranks, psychology, re/search books, retro, ripe, robert anton wilson, science fiction, scientific mysticism, secret chiefs, secret masters, serial killers, shriners, sideshows, smof, sociology, southeast, special effects, spoken word, sub-genius, survival research labs, swordplay, tantra, tattoos, technology, thanatology, theognosis, topy, transformus, triumvirate, trivia, true crime, ufos, underground events, urban myths, video games, videos, voodoo, weird history, weird news, wicca, writers, you, zines



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