M (ninsun) wrote in esotericon,

Belly Dance Classes are Beginning at the Red Door This Thursday

Please repost

Belly Dance is fun and a good exorcise. If you haven't come to our intro to intermediate belly dance class .....now is the time!!!! Classes will begin Jan 10th.

Our Belly Dance Fusion class meets every Thursday at 8PM at The Red Door (726 Spring St). We teach to the intro to intermediate levels. We have two teachers that will cater the class to fit your needs. Our teachers have a knowledge of Cabaret, traditional middle eastern dance and American Tribal. The cost is only $7 per class. We start with the basics of Egyptian cabaret and move into more advanced styles of dance. Students will learn new movements each class, building coordination, grace, strength, and flexibility.

For further information on either one of these events please email ninsun @ livejournal.com or visit
or join our yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/atlbellydance/join

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